Important Facts to Know About Kauai, Hawaii Before Visiting

Situated in the Central Pacific, Kauai is an island and a prominent part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Due to the tropical rainforest that covers a large percentage of the island’s surface, Kauai has earned the nickname “The Garden Isle.” Kauai is the fourth largest island in Hawaii and offers some of the most incredible scenic views. If you’re planning a trip to beautiful Kauai, brush up on some facts about the island before your big visit.

  1. Hawaii Is Part of the U.S.

When you visit Hawaii, you may feel like you’re in a whole different country. However, it is important to remember that Kauai is indeed part of the United States. While you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the slower island life, you can still expect many of the same customs and lifestyles that you would see back in the states.

  1. Transportation Can Be Challenging

Kauai is not a large island but does pose some difficulties in terms of transportation. There is only one major road on the island, which means that traffic can become quite busy during peak hours. If you’re planning to travel around the island, try to avoid the morning and evening commuting hours. You may also want to consider alternative transportation methods, such as boat or plane.

  1. Hawaii Runs on the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone

If you are visiting Kauai from anywhere other than the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll need to accommodate the time difference. Hawaii runs on the Hawaii-Aleutian time zone and does not observe Daylight Savings Time. That means that Kauai is six hours behind East coast time and three hours behind West Coast time.

  1. Swimming Is Not Always Possible

Being surrounded by tropical waters, you would suspect swimming to be a common occurrence in Kauai. However, this is not the case. In fact, you are unable to swim at most of the beaches in Kauai due to rough currents, rip tides, and similar issues. There are calmer waters in the summer months but you must still be cautious. If you really want to swim, you’ll need to travel to Ke’e beach on the north shore or Poipu beach on the south shore.

  1. The Famous Napali Coast is a Must-See

There is no shortage of beautiful sights to see in Kauai. However, one of the most breathtaking is the Napali Coast. You can see the coast on foot or by sea or air, each giving magnificent views. If you are visiting during the summer months, consider seeing it with a boat tour. In the winter, the water can be too tough for boating making a helicopter tour a better option.

Plan Your Trip to Kauai

Kauai has been featured in countless films and TV shows. It remains one of the most popular Hawaiian Islands and welcomes more than a million visitors each year. There are very few places on earth that offers the same level of beauty and culture as Kauai, making it the ultimate travel destination.